Rejection Sucks: 40 Days to Making it Suck Less

Rejection Sucks: 40 Days to Making it Suck Less
Rejection Sucks: 40 Days to Making it Suck Less
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 When Christ hung on the cross, He suffered the most horrifying,horrendous, humiliating death that anyone could ever endure. Yet it is most interesting to note that in the midst of all of His suffering, the thing that our Lord considered to be most painful,the most dreadful, and most distasteful of all was being REJECTED. in His agony He cried- "My God,my God, why have you forsaken me".

 In this powerful Devotional, REJECTION SUCKS, Dr Jennifer Johnson will take you on a Forty Day Journey, teaching you in a very frank, practical, and often humorous manner how you can be set free from the "SPIRIT OF REJECTION". Through the compassion she shares from her own personal struggles with rejection, and the victory she has gained over it, Dr Johnson is uniquely equipped and qualified to passionately and effectively confront this issue.

 In REJECTION SUCKS you will discover:

 > How to identify and overcome the root causes of REJECTION

 > How to build a positive SELF-IMAGE and rebuild your CONFIDENCE

 > How to FORGIVE yourself and others and MOVE FORWARD

 > How to discover the "REAL YOU" and  your unique "SIGNATURE"

 > How to overcome CRITICISM, CYNICISM, SKEPTICISM and other OBSTACLES to your success

After applying these inspiring and motivational concepts to your life for 40 Days, we are confident that your will emerge from the "wilderness of REJECTION into the "promise land " of total acceptance and fulfillment!

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